There is always a first time

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New beginnings are energising. They’re also inevitably about things that we don’t know. This is the reality of life for me. Everything is new, or maybe its better to say ‘to-be-discovered’. And if it is not new, it is always ‘until-further-notice’. There’s nothing ‘rootless’ or ‘transient’ about this, but you can read about that on the OUTLIERS page.

If you’d like to know about my trumpet playing and composition, go to PLAYING. It has info about what I’ve done, what I’m doing , and what I’m planning to do.

If you’re interested in having lessons, or things more broadly educational, go to the TEACHING  page. Click here to find out about LESSONS.

The WRITING page, is my most academic persona. I hope that my academic writing is engaging, readable, and relevant, but you can judge that for your self.

The OUTLIERS  page is me at my most ‘bloggy’. It has doings and discoveries, politics, people, places, relationships, reflections, theatre, books, recipes, building and woodworking projects, articles, and links. This the ephemera that might be an existentialist-alchemist’s dream, but is equally the detritus of day to day life. The latter is my source of meaning in an absurd world.

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There is always a first time

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